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What is Astronaut Training Protocol©?


Astronaut Training is a precise and powerful therapeutic protocol designed to to develop optimal vestibular function, an essential foundation for all sensory processing and movement control. 

In addition to our 5 basic senses, we have special vestibular sensors in our inner ear that tell us exactly where we are in space as well the orientation of our head as we look, listen and move. It keeps us informed at all times regarding where we are in time and space and accurately detection how, when, and where our body moves.  The vestibular system is also responsible for balancing and modulating all of the various types of sensation, including vision and hearing, so as to enhance learning and memory.

One of the primary reasons why our vestibular system is unable do its job effectively is because it has become “shut down” from ear infections, high fevers, allergies, head trauma, restricted movement, etc.  Specific linear and rotary activation with the Astronaut Protocol will insure that our vestibular system can support efficient and effective movement for the development of social and play skills and to enhance learning and memory. Movement is key to all aspects of life. When there is no movement, the brain literally goes to sleep.


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